Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

best WordPress directory plugins

Online directories are crucial, as simple as they may sound. Sadly, not all brands or businesses take the time or optimize online directories. 

But many businesses use online directories for internal or external purposes. A real estate company, for instance, may share a directory with a list of all the agents on its website and which areas they cover. It makes working remotely or in distributed teams much more manageable for that company. 

Levering software to increase business is a future-forward mindset that is a business must-have in this digital age. 

Another example, a law firm can use a directory of its personnel or key business partners to streamline operations. They can list lawyers and staff, and even other law firms, and the like. 

A supermarket can also use directory listing for its store locations or supermarket chains. It brings such a convenience for their customers to know that they can avail of your products and services even if they move outside their locality.

Some websites specialize in directories and earn revenues by posting listings for companies that want to be known or found through that particular directory website. 

8 Best WordPress Directory Plugins for Listing

Here are some of the best WordPress plugins you can use to integrate directory listing on your website.

1. Directorist

Directorist – Business Directory Plugin – WordPress plugin |

If you’re wondering in searching the best directory plugin in WordPress, using Directorist could be the best bet for serving your purposes. This is one of the best WordPress directory plugins that comes with tons of advanced features. Though the plugin is growing faster it still underrated in the directory category in WordPress. It deserves more than it has.

There are tons of basic to advanced features available to make your directory site even better. You’ll get the most customized and advanced modern design for your directory website. There are 25+ Elementor widgets and a wide range of cost-effective non-dependent extensions to craft your directory well.

The specialty of the plugin relies on its quality and distinct features that you will hardly get in any other plugins of the same category. Directorist Booking extension allows you to set up a dynamic booking and reservation system on your directory website. Ranked Featured extension enables you to rank all the featured listings on your directory site.

The developers of the plugin are constantly working hard to make the plugin even better. They have a straight forward ROADMAP towards their goal. Moreover, there are some exciting features that are going to be released shortly. Hence, choosing the Directorist would be the right choice for serving your purposes effortlessly.

2. Business Directory Plugin

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

The Business Directory plugin is a simple yet reliable directory plugin trusted by thousands. It comes for free and in paid tiers. Websites can integrate listings in their sites to draw traffic in or if they are aiming for increased revenues and recurring subscriptions. 

With this plugin, you can use the most popular payment gateways for easy transactions. Its setup is also very user-friendly and intuitive and perfect for SEO. When used with WordPress SEO plugin, you can aim for higher traffic and conversions easily.

The listings are mobile responsive, and you can show search results on a map right off search results, categories, the whole directory, or on individual listings. 

It is also easy to filter searches via location, and to create reviews that audiences love so they get to choose the right product or service right away. 

All core directory functions, such as entirely customizable form fields, image support, and payment acceptance, are included in the Business Directory Plugin. 

When you download the main plugin, these core features are all free, but you have the option to download some add-ons for a premium price. 

Although you will have the option of premium add-ons, this plugin can be installed and used free of charge right out of the box. The plugin also comes with a built-in reCAPTCHA method to prevent spam listings in your registry.

There is also a Featured Levels module in the Business Directory Plugin. It is excellent for those who use this directory via the introduction of subscriptions to create recurring sales. 

3. GeoDirectory

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

The Business Directory Plugin by GeoDirectory helps you transform your WordPress theme into an efficient, lightning-fast global directory. It is compatible with  Gutenberg and the most common page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin Page Builder and more. It includes a comprehensive new collection of shortcodes, Gutenberg Blocks, and Widgets.

GeoDirectory is more focused on building a global business directory, but you can cut it down or just appeal to your neighborhood in some parts of the globe. 

It’s a compatible WordPress multisite plugin that makes it excellent to create a directory network or install it on multiple client pages. 

You are given the majority of the plugin for free, but can add payment to avail of other features. You can also choose to purchase directory themes from GeoDirectory if you design your directory website from scratch. 

Merchants with directory listings would have access to data from Google Analytics. When you intend to charge for listings, you can use it to justify your pricing theoretically.

4. Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

The Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro (ACADP) plugin is right up your alley if you’re searching for more functionality with your WordPress directory plugin. ACADP is a professional, versatile, high-quality and robust directory plugin to build all types of directory sites.

It is an efficient directory solution that integrates seamlessly into existing websites. It supports different directories like a film rating site, a travel guide, or a classifieds portal. ACADP is free for download, but developers have the option of downloading its premium add-ons and other tools.

The ACADP plugin comes with a user-friendly interface and payment history and payment renewals are easily seen by companies on the website. 

You can integrate the plugin for payment processing with Stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce. It also allows offline payments like checks from local companies. 

By preventing a payment processing add-on, this can be a means for you to save some money. When their listings expire, somebody will automatically notify merchants via email. When they send payments, they will also get a confirmation call.

5. Toolset Directory

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

Toolset helps you to create custom websites for directories and classifieds, for any form of content and with your own features. Without being restricted to what a theme or dedicated plugin provides, you have complete control of everything on the web.

The plugin targets both seasoned developers and coding novices. Developers would easily and without spending precious time coding PHP and adding new features such as front-end forms. 

Meanwhile, beginners can create complex websites for directories like a pro. The Toolset Directory includes the following features:

 – Custom forms, fields, and taxonomies of posts
– With multiple filters, custom search
– Maps with filters for distances
– Types of Front-end
– Listings paid
– Email notifications
– Help for payment thanks to integration with WooCommerce

Customizing these features is simple as well. For example, whether in a grid, a table, or on a map, you control how your search results are presented.

If you are creating a website for a multilingual directory, you will be happy to know that the team behind WPML built the Toolset Directory to be fully compatible.

Other common plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO are also integrated with Toolset Directory. Also, it works on WordPress with the main themes.

6. LDD Directory Lite

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

The best way to add an efficient, fully functional and free custom directory to your WordPress powered website is the LDD Directory Lite plugin.

Install and configure LDD Directory Lite within minutes and start accepting submissions or filling in your own listings with content. It is simple and easy to use, whether you are building a local directory or a global one. 

The LDD Directory Lite plugin fits with almost every style of directory via the power of Bootstrap ensuring the directory is 100% ready and mobile-responsive. This plugin comes for free with premium, inexpensive upgrades.

The shortcode for LDD Directory Lite enables you to link a directory to any page or article on your WordPress account. If the shortcode is inserted, the directory is automatically created. This approach makes it one of the lightest directory plugins available (hence the name).

You have seemingly infinite customization possibilities once the plugin is installed. You control how your site looks and feels in the directory. Social networking and Google Maps integrations provide some of the top add-ons. 

You’ll benefit from a modern style from the use of this plugin. It’s great for WordPress users who are not too tech-savvy and don’t want to play with frustrating features and just want a nice-looking result.

For front-end submissions, LDD Directory Lite is compatible. For website users, it is easy to access your listings and also navigate without any difficulty. You may set up listings-related email alerts. Businesses with listings on the website will have the authority to configure and edit from the front end.

7. Connections Business Directory

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

Combining flexibility with unique functionality, the Connections Business Directory plugin allows you to build everything from a tiny contact book to an empire of thousands of business listings worldwide. 

The Connections Business Directory is compatible with all kinds of themes like Avada, Enfold, OceanWP, and Divi. It also works well with webpage builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Fusion, and the  like. 

The plugin supports the Gutenberg Editor WordPress blocks including Carousel Block, Directory Block, Team Block, and Upcoming List Block.

It is highly-rated by web developers or web designers because of its exceptional assistance and constantly updated features. It has a growing selection of Content Blocks like Related Entries, Nearby Entries, Recently Viewed, Last Viewed, Frontend Entry Management, and Entry Meta. 

The WordPress directory’s plugin was designed to be as consistent and configurable as possible, making it highly versatile. The free version has several add-ons, toolbar functions, and features. 

Premium plugins for single websites are available and include straightforward extensions, including a CSV import tool, more advanced features, and a widget pack, among others.

8. Sabai Directory

Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins

Sabai Directory is a premium business directory plugin for WordPress. Its features enable developers to create local business directories for communities, like Google+ Places ,, or Yahoo! Local.

Its many-fold features make it a worthy buy for just $29 for one month. Its features include being able to show directory listings in list, grid or map view. You can search listings by keywords, distance, location, or category. It comes with user-friendly auto-suggestion features and is completely responsive and flat design.

It comes with a fully interactive map that shows list details when you hover the mouse or click on the details. You can easily add new listings or claim existing ones, and post listing reviews together with 1-5 star ratings for various criteria rating systems and tables. 

Users are given a panel where they can manage their listings, customers, prospects, bookmarks, and payment orders. It is compatible with PayPal,, 2Checkout, and Stripe payment gateways, whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual.

The CodeCanyon marketplace sells Sabai. It is built with corporations, restaurants, and shops in mind, because you can create a directory site structure with the plugin. 


Digital technologies affect business and the economy significantly, especially since businesses now are moving online. 

Even if there are many directory listings online, another one will not hurt. It is about giving people the information they need as quickly as possible. 

You can focus on using directory listings for your brand or business or build one that serves a niche or a demographic. 

Local directories are actually in demand and lead to conversions faster since people usually look for products and services nearer to them. 

Regardless of why you are building a directory listing, you can easily integrate it into your WordPress account with a plugin. 

Make sure you have a fast web host when preparing to build a vast directory. You can upgrade the hosting package you have or get a different web host to accommodate your growing need as a business.

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