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WP Fame is a WordPress-based publication that shares all the famous stuff about WordPress, including WP Tutorials, WP News, WP Reviews, and WP Tips & Tricks in order to provide value to WordPress users.

In more precise words, at WPFame, we try to cover numerous WordPress-related topics like themes, plugins, WordPress-based tutorials, WordPress news, WordPress-based reviews, and web hosting. Our prime goal is to make your WordPress knowledge compatible in the best possible way.

Story Behind the WPFame

My name is Syed Sazzadul Bari, corporately acquainted with Sazzadul Bari. I am the man behind BlogCD and the owner of this blog. WPFame is my second initiative in launching a blog.

BlogCD is my first approach to the blogging world. Here, I will try to cover all most all the possible aspects of human needs. Currently, I have been covering numerous topics like BloggingDigital MarketingAffiliate MarketingWordPressWeb HostingAdsenseMoney Blogging, and much more. My purpose is to provide enough value to my readers. I aim to make BlogCD a true blogging niche-based website so that people will get enough value from spending time on it. The same expectation worked behind here for WordPress users.

While running BlogCD, I came across numerous niches, and WordPress was one of them. It’s a huge industry to work with. It already covers 51% market share of the entire CMS, and WordPress makes up almost 35% of entire websites around the internet. That inspires me and made me passionate to work with this amazing industry and WPFame is the outcome of that passion.

Moreover, I see various WordPress-related queries on different social media channels and forums. As I deal with the different niches on BlogCD, at some points, my scope is limited to writing on a particular niche. That’s the reason for launching this blog and working with WordPress dedicatedly.

A Strong Urge that Turns Into a Passion

Moreover, after spending 3 awesome years in the WordPress ecosystem, blogging, and digital marketing arena, I feel proud to look back at the beautiful journey I’ve trailed with WordPress along the way. I felt a strong urge to do something special for WordPress users. And most importantly, WPFame is the byproduct of these urges and passion for WordPress.

If you have any questions or queries about WordPress, feel free to share with me contacting via my contact page. I look forward to connecting with you. Thanks for being such a patient reading the about page.

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– Syed Sazzadul Bari